iPhone Xs - U806C

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iPhone Xs case


- The Utter, simply the "Ideal".

- Thin, robust, practical and very elegant. It has everything. It is an "Absolute" cover.

- It incorporates the best raw materials available in the market, from the highest quality cowhide leather to the meticulous hand-made production by the experienced artisans of Piel Frama.

- Extremely Functional;

-  Know who calls you and answer without having to open the case. Who gives more? !!!!

- Elegance raised to its maximum expression;

- Fine and very pleasant to the touch (We use a skin commonly called "Sedalina" for its great resemblance to the touch of the "Silk").

- Great closure system with small hidden magnets (They do not interfere in the credit cards).

            - Practical outer card holder pocket. 

We are before an iPhone XS case without comparison.